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First Festival

The Festival, from April 2013, follows the model of development of the international great of electronic music festivals, working on the quality of the proposal, high safety standards and marketing plane on a large scale.

First Festival proposes only the best djs of the sector. In the last editions we hosted SVEN VATH , Jeff MILLS, BEN KLOCK, LOCO DICE, JORIS VOORN, SOLOMUN, ADAM BEYER, CHRIS LIEBING, JOSEPH CAPRIATI, NINA KRAVIZ and many others.

The musical proposal is always placed side by side to high quality visual show developed in partnership with Joy Project (company that deals him with the realization of great events as Xfactor, Olympiads in Turin, final of Champions League) and Show Technologies.

Look at the aftermovie:

Coverage of sales

Territori Musicali

The atmosphere of joy and fun of the electronic music inserted inside unique location by the precise characteristics.

Attention to the environment and the quality promoting the territory, they are the keywords of the format.

TM  inserted itself in the locations for building projects to middle/long term with the aim of promotion of the territory and the development of incoming.

The project TM introduces 3 principal parties each characterized by a color and devoted to a typology of different territory.


1 once/year RSTWHITE WEEKEND (Prato Nevoso – Cn)
1 once/year RSTGREEN (La Castagnola – Al)
2 twice/year RSTBLUE (Location Varie)

RSTWHITE: around 200 places bed for 3 days to every edition
RSTGREEN: 1200 people/every edition
RSTBLUE: 1000 people/every edition

Monster Festival

Visit the official website. Click here.




Distorsioni is the project of Rst Events devoted to the concerts.
The first edition, during the summer of 2017,  has recorded the seasonal record of the arena del Mare (Porto Antico – Genova)
it is connected to Distorsioni the activity of Local promoter.


Flashback is the format  for the development of musical events from investments I mediate / small.

The main editions was:  02.01.16 in Piazza Matteotti  with the concert of Cristina D’Avena and  14.08.16 in Boccadasse with the tribute to De andrè.

over 5000 people  have participated in these events.



Smileandance is the club format of Rst events.
Next year it will be the fifth edition and now  it is the fixed appointment of Saturday evening in town from  September to April.
Winter Location: Casa mia Club
Capacity: 500 people
In summer  Smileandancemoved to other clubs in town.


With smileandance, Rst has a weekly contact with the Genoese audience 18-25 and, through smileandance, it has developed a system to remain in constant contact with the public, to offer advantages related to his/her own products or in co-brand.
Through an affiliation to the circuit “members” the consumers’ profiles, the tastes and the affection are traced to our brands.


Rst streaming is a new way to communicate to the Genoese target 18-35
Through live sessions on Facebook and Instagram of private events in particular location.
The first activity, on 10.04.18, have been developed with  robotic school inside the Palazzo Reale in Genoa.
Location that, unfortunately, many Genoese of new generations don’t know .
Over 3000 people  have been connected to the online direct.

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